Transformers: ROTF – The Game

This is something that I’ve become increasingly excited about with the onset of the summer blockbuster movie opening in the UK next week, 19th June. Here’s an interesting walkthrough of how the tie-in game looks to be shaping up for the xbox360… will it possibly buck the trend of movie tie-in game = crap?

Revenge of the Fallen Single-Player Gameplay
courtesy of

…personally I think it makes a good argument for giving this game a chance.

First up though, I have to admit I am a big fan of the movie designed transformers. Whilst I also love the nostalgia trips back to the G1 series and the animated Transformers: The Movie (I have it still on vhs from back in the day), these remain nostalgia alone and only satisfy my transformers appetite for a short while. Its the movie transformers that do it for me now; the much more complex robot forms and transformations make it less “kids only” but add a “cool and current” appeal that I can enjoy now that I’m in my late 20’s. Ah, but I digress…

From what I’ve been able to find on the net (from umpteen gaming sites) regarding this game in terms of previews, demos and hands-on experience, the reception has all been on the positive side. Varying degrees of positive, but positive nonetheless (I am an optimist).

Until now however, there was little available (for non-gaming journalists at least) in terms of running in-game footage to really allow anyone to form an opinion. The G4tv walkthrough provides a lengthy insight into how the game looks and plays and has provided enough evidence for me as a transformers fan, to let my guard down and hope in expectation that this will be a good quality, fun gaming experience.

I didn’t play the last movie tie-in game (Transformers – The Game) due to the poor reaction it received from gamers and reviewers alike – it was, from what I can gather, a typical movie tie-in game; looks a bit flashy but poorly executed and quickly repetitive… achievement-whores and die-hard fans need only apply type fare.

While the multiplayer aspect of the new game has been touted about in much of the released media so far (and I am glad that its included and looking so well), this is the first real look at the single-player campaign gameplay on offer. And I don’t think it looks too shoddy at all. Whilst its impossible to be 100% sure without any hands-on time yourself, from the 16mins or so of constant running in-game footage the character controls do appear to flow rather well with nothing clunky or awkward/poor design on display.

Aside from the actual control scheme and inclusion of multiplayer (the story itself being omitted from scrutiny as the actual film will cover that base), what else could make this game appeal to gamers and transformers fans alike?

Choice… the ability to choose what you do and who you do it with. For me, this is a big aspect of what makes a game appealing and the talk behind this release has therefore got some appeal. Varying characters are available for selection for the single-player and (obviously, I would say) multiplayer aspects of ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’. And they aren’t just reskins with the same abilities each time – differences will exist. The ‘war room’ idea for mission selection should also offer some variety and control for the player over the inevitable linear flow that a game based off a pre-defined story must follow.

So what are these choices when it we ask “Who”? I’ve heard different numbers quoted from a range of interviews and articles, but the general concensus is that there will be approx 15 playable characters out of the box with further support via DLC for more characters & skins (tho it remains to be known if DLC will cover any ‘other’ content like maps etc…) if the game is successful – here is who’s been confirmed:


Autobot - 2emblemThe Autobots

Autobot - Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime – Leader of the Autobots, who rose to stand against Megatron on their homeworld of Cybertron.

Ingame: Strongest as a brawler up close but capable with cannons aswell over short range. Possible leadership buff (Valiant Leader) that allows him to take damage for you has been mentioned in one article as his special ability.

Alternate Mode: Peterbilt Truck

Autobot - IronhideIronhide – The Autobots resident weapons specialist and an old friend of Primes’.

Ingame: Less mobile but loaded up with guns and drops a auto-fire gun turret as a special ability. G1 skin confirmed as available, though initially as a pre-order bonus code.

Alternate Mode: GMC Topkick C4500

Autobot - RatchetRatchet –  Chief Medical Officer for the Autobots.

Ingame: Healer character as per his character history with Combat Repair as his special ability. Also features an Energon Multi-Beam and sticky grenades as primary and secondary weapons.

Alternate Mode: Search & Rescue Hummer H2

Autobot - BumblebeeBumblebee – One of Primes’ most trusted lieutenants, tho neither the strongest or most powerful, Bumblebee’s strengths are in bravery and courage.

Ingame: A scout character, built for hit and run tactics. Weaponry consists of a rapid fire solar cannon and homing missiles with an radial stun EMP Blast as his special ability.

Alternate Mode: 2009 Chevrolet Camaro

Autobot - Breakaway (ROTF game)Breakaway – A new character created for the game, one of the few Autobot aerial units designed for the movie inspired setting.

Ingame: Plays the role of a sniper character, focusing on mobility and ranged combat.

Alternate Mode: F-35 Lightning II

Autobot - Aerialbot - Scout (BFAv2)Aerialbot – A newly designed character for the game based off the Aerialbot sub-faction from earlier series, he joins Breakaway as one of the few Autobot aerial units designed for the movie inspired setting.

Ingame: Presumably plays a similar role to that of a sniper, with a focus on mobility and ranged combat.

Alternate Mode: Unconfirmed Jet

Autobot - Protectobot - Scout (BFAv2)Protectobot – Similar to Aerialbot, this is a new character created for the game based off an earlier series sub-faction. May represent the cartoon series character Prowl.

Ingame: Possibly another scout class-type in support of Bumblebee.

Alternate Mode: Police Cruiser

Decepticon - 2emblemThe Decepticons

Decepticon - Megatron IMegatron – Leader of the Decepticons, Megatron was the former High Protector & co-ruler of Cybertron before waging war with the onset of his all-consuming desire for the Allspark

Ingame: Probably matches up well to Optimus’ character as a strong brawler with capable weapons fire aswell over short range. His special ability is a single-shot kill ion cannon that requires charge time

Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Tank

Decepticon - Starscream IIStarscream – Megatrons’ 2nd in-command, but with designs on being leader himself, Starscream will use subtlety and decption to further his own goals.

Ingame: A fast and mobile character, Starscreams’ strength is in ballistics damage with a gatling gun and homing missles as his core weaponry. He comes equipped with a Null Reactor as his special ability, increasing his weapons damage output and slowing the target.

Alternate Mode: F-22 Raptor

Decepticon - Blackout IIGrindor/Blackout – A newly created character for the movie series, it is still unclear if this is a re-made Blackout from the first film or a new character made in his image. Some internet talk features him as 3rd in command to Megatron.

Ingame: The Decepticon counter to the Autobot’s Ironhide, Grindors’ strength is in his ballistic ability, featuring a gatling gun and Energon Wave cannon (ground-shock missiles). His special ability is to deploy a standalone gun turret. It remains to be seen if his rotor blades can be used as a melee combat weapon however.

Alternate Mode: MH-53J Pave Lowe II Helicopter

Decepticon - Longhaul IILong Haul – A Constructicon character who combines with the others to form the mighty Devastator, Long Haul is a bullish Decepticon character who believes he is undervalued as a warrior in his own right.

Ingame: The only confirmed playable Constructicon character, Long Haul features as the Decepticons healer class on the battlefield. He is armed with flame cannons as one of his standard weapons and has the special abilty to restore functionality to damaged comrades. With his sheer bulk, he may also be favourable in melee combat.

Alternate Mode: Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck

Decepticon - SidewaysSideways – A newly created character for the movie series, Sideways is only the 2nd Decepticon to feature in car format, following in the footsteps of Barricade from the first film.

Ingame: His role in the Decepticons army is to fulfil the sniper role. His size, speed and weaponry favour hit and run tactics against the Autobots. He also features a form of sticky grenade in his arsenal.

Alternate Mode: Audi R8

Decepticon - Seeker I (ROTF game)Seeker – A newly designed character for the game based off the Seekers from earlier transformers lore. His initial design is representative of the Skywarp character from cartoon iterations.

Ingame: Seekers’ strength will be in hit and run tactics, favouring weapon fire over melee. He has the special abilty to teleport approx 30 yards ahead. He is however formiddable in sheer size.

Alternate Mode: Unconfirmed F-15 Eagle

So straight off, there is an imbalance between the two sides; 7 Autobots & 6 Decepticons named and the total only comes to 13 – so who are the others (2) that are ship with the release? And who might come our way as DLC?

This is where every fan will have a different opinion as to who should be included and why…


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